I’m sort of back. I am making no promises that I am posting anything past today, but I had to share a few things.

  1. The website no longer sucks. Thanks to Rev. Vas for doing all the shit I was too lazy to fuck with.
  2. There are rumors of Narphy wanting to do something. I am not making any promises about that either.
  3. HI!
  4. About today’s comic:

Awolnation’s “Sail” came out a couple of years ago but the mainstream finally just noticed it. It probably would’ve happened sooner if I were still DJing at strip clubs, but I’m not, so whatever. I normally avoid music videos because they tend to ruin songs I like, but someone told me that some fan video for “Sail” was better and had more YouTube views than the official video. After watching both, all I can say is, “NO SHIT!”

Exhibit A: The Official Video

  • Tired fake Illuminati and pseudo-Satan tropes galore for the purpose of trolling Vigilant Citizen for page views from paranoid assholes.
  • Unmitigated hipster bullshit with absolutely no stylistic consideration whatsoever.
  • The boring ambiguous ending that’s so in fashion with today’s music video directors.

Exhibit B: The Fan Video

  • There is unmitigated hipster bullshit here as well, but there is some consideration for aesthetics that border on thrift store goth.
  • The video editing is really well done.
  • It’s like a very short and campy horror flick.
  • There is no ambiguity with that ending.